A Nebraska couple is celebrating their son's college achievements on the biggest platform they could find.

Ryan Boyland's parents say they are just so happy for him, as he recently graduated from med school, and they didn't want to contain that excitement.

They wanted to do something special and share it with the whole community.

So, they had his achievements plastered on a billboard!

The billboard was Ryan's mom's idea. Michelle says the spot for it was perfect -- right down the street from their church and the high school Ryan graduated from 10 years ago.

Ryan's parents say they are proud of their son and wanted a way to celebrate his achievements, despite Ryan telling them he didn't want to make a big deal about graduating.

Ryan's father, Roosevelt, says his son is an academic pioneer, the first doctor in his family.

"Ryan was the second Black valedictorian of Bellevue East High School. His brother was the first. So this is a good spot to continue to motivate his peers and young people coming up to let them know that they can aspire to do great things," Roosevelt said.

Now that graduation is over, Dr. Boyland is gearing up for his residency at Denver Health focusing on emergency medicine.

He says he wants to inspire others to follow their dreams, and that representation is important and he hopes he inspires others to pursue a career in healthcare.

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