Lower Macungie grants extension for major project


The Lower Macungie Township Board of Commissioners granted a time extension for developer David Jaindl during Thursday night's meeting.

The extension for a conditional use application and preliminary plan application - known as the Jaindl Commercial Park North project - features a proposed four-story, 40,000 square-foot office building and restaurant located at 6161 Hamilton Blvd.

President Ronald W. Beitler said Thursday night's approval of the time extension was neither "a denial or approval." Rather, a review of the project "will have its day," he said.

In other news, commissioners approved resolution to the township's fee schedule regarding solid waste collection. Commissioners approved the new quarterly fee of $90, an increase from the current rate of $72. In discussing the increase, Township Manager Bruce Beitel said the increase is the first increase residents have experience in 15 years. In addition, the new contract includes additional services for residents.

Finally, commissioners authorized the advertisement of an ordinance to restrict certain size of trucks on certain roads. Township engineer Alan Fornwalt noted the restrictions involve certain restriction on turning for trucks that are over 25-feet, 30-feet and 40-feet. The turns are prohibited on various sections of East Texas Road, Fish Hatchery Road, Riverbend Road, Antique Lane, Kressler Road, Spring Creek Road and Chestnut Road because the "geometry just doesn't work."

In addition, trucks over 45-feet are prohibited on traveling on Antique Lane, on Chestnut Road between Mountain Road and Hensingersville Road, on Mill Creek Road between Antique Lane and Spring Creek Road and finally Sauerkraut Lane between Brookside Road and Indian Creek Road.