Man accused of killing and torturing co-worker appears in court


51-year-old Michael Horvath, the man accused of killing Holly Grim in 2013, appeared in a Monroe County courtroom on Friday where it was revealed that a plea deal was offered to Horvath if he would give prosecutors a key piece of information.

Horvath sat before a Monroe County judge as his defense asked that the trial be pushed back.

Horvath's attorneys say they need more time to review new evidence in the case while at the same time asking the judge to throw out some of the evidence. The judge did not make a ruling.

The defense also says prosecutors offered Horvath a plea deal, life in prison instead of the death penalty, if he would tell them where the rest of Holly Grim's body is hidden but it doesn't appear he took the deal.

Horvath and Grim were co-workers at Allen Organ. Police say Horvath hid in a shed on her Lower Macungie property back in November 2013 waiting for the right moment to kidnap her. He then took her to his home in Ross Township, Monroe County where he tortured her and then shot and killed her.

Prosecutors say some of her remains were found on his property but not until years later. Police said Horvath was always on their radar as they found his DNA on the door frame of Grim's home, and he was late to work the day of her disappearance.

Investigators eventually found bones that were determined to be Grim's ribs as well as a breast bone that had damage consistent with a gunshot wound. Grim's remains were found buried under a bed frame.

Horvath's trial is set to begin next month, Jury selection is scheduled for Oct. 7.