Quakertown students make case for why everyone should wear the same color graduation gowns


Graduation is a time where students and families come together to celebrate the end, and a new beginning.

However, a long-standing graduation tradition in some districts can make that special day an uncomfortable day for some.

There are two different gowns in Quakertown High School. The girls wear white, and blue is for males. If you're transgender, you get to choose.

Four students, who are part of the Gay Straight Alliance, recently went before the school board to argue their case for why everyone should wear the same color.

The board agreed to look into it more in August.

Ben St. Claire is transgender and wants to wear blue at graduation.

"If I had to wear white, I would go on stage have people see me in something that symbolizes being a woman, and that's uncomfortable for me, because I'm not," he said.

Elliot McCune wore the white gown for graduation photos, but will wear blue at the ceremony Friday.

They say one uniform color would support the minority without harming the majority, and it would create unity.

Many districts still have two color gowns, but not all. Emmaus students, for example, all wear green.