Sen. Toomey pushing for what he calls a compromise on gun background checks


Gun control remains a hotly debated topic, and Senator Pat Toomey is crossing party lines to push what he calls a compromise on background checks.

He had the president's ear on the topic Wednesday, and that conversation isn't over yet.

Under the current law only federally licensed gun dealers are required to conduct background checks.

Senator Pat Toomey, Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Senator Chris Murphy of Connecticut are hoping to pass what they consider a bi-partisan gun background check bill.

The senators are trying to pass legislation that would require background checks for private gun sales.

In the most recent mass shooting in Odessa, Texas, it was revealed that the gunman obtained his gun through a private sale, a loophole the senators are hoping to close.

The three senators spoke at length with President Trump on Wednesday.

"I believe that expanding background checks in some fashion is still on the table. I do believe that to be true," Toomey said.

All three said their conversation with the president went well, but could not get him to commit to a decision.