Strong storms, 110 mph winds damage homes in Montgomery County


Hundreds were without power in Montgomery County after strong storms Wednesday destroyed trees, wires and property.

The damage was especially bad in Upper Salford and Lower Frederick townships, where straight line winds between 80 and 110 mph swept through around 5:45 p.m.

Nearly everyone in Upper Salford was off the grid as crews worked to clear hundreds of downed trees and wires.

At one point, nearly half the streets were closed because of one blockage or another. It's estimated as many as 100 homes were severely impacted.

One resident said reality is sinking after the winds snapped trees like toothpicks, leveled his garage like and had no mercy for his classic car.

"The Astro is now a pancake, both tires, blown out, and it's gone. I think it's history," said Ken Graupner said.

He thought it could have been worse. The winds, hail, and rain had him fearing for his home and his safety.

A command post was set up at the Upper Salford fire department, where responders braced for potentially more severe storms Thurdsay.

Officials have also set up at Old Goshenhoppen Church, where residents can go to charge up their phones and get ice.

They're recommending people in the community consider staying with family or friends until power is restored.