Troops to Tractors offers Veterans a different way to utilize the GI Bill


For veterans, figuring out what you want to do after your service is always a challenge, but there's a little-known program in Pennsylvania that can make figuring that out easier.

When Joe Capricci returned home from the service in 2014, he wanted his next endeavor to be equally fulfilling.

That endeavor was working on Black Valley Farm in Bedford County, near Everette.

"The best thing in my mind about working in agriculture is being outside, being able to solve problems on a daily basis," Capricci said.

Thanks to Troops to Tractors, he was able to accomplish that.

The program, run by the Pennsylvania Veteran Farm Project, connects service members to farms for two-year on-the-job training.

It allows veterans to utilize the GI bill to supplement their income for on-the-job training.

Currently there are six farms in the state offering this partnership.