AAA offers tips for removing old license plate stickers


In 2017, Pennsylvania stopped requiring drivers to display their vehicle registration with a state-issued sticker on their license plate.

"Motorists do not have to remove their old registration stickers," said Ron Young, a spokesman for PennDOT.

AAA, however, cautions drivers that the change could lead to some headaches across state lines this holiday season.

While PennDOT has communicated the change to out-of-state law enforcement agencies, AAA said having an expired sticker on your car, even though you no longer need a sticker, could raise some unnecessary red flags.

"It's still a possibility to be pulled over because it looks like the motor vehicle is out of registration," said Theresa Podguski, the director of legislative affairs for AAA East Central.

So far, there have been few issues, according to PennDOT.

"We have nine million registered vehicles in Pennsylvania and, so far, we're aware of three times this has occurred," Young said.

Though, if you do get pulled over for the sticker, the agency suggests calling PennDOT.

AAA offers these tips for removing a sticker from a license plate:

Apply heat with heat gun or hair dryer, on low. Use a razor blade (preferably plastic) to loosen corner. Carefully run the razor blade beneath sticker as you peel. Use a wet sponge to remove some of the tough adhesive and continue to peel. Clean remaining residue with window cleaner, rubbing alcohol, or adhesive remover.