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From minimum wage increases to animal protection to police accountability to both cutting and increasing taxes a series of new laws are taking effect across the country on Saturday, the first day of 2022. Some of the laws such as abortion restrictions in New Hampshire or police reform measures in Illinois, Oregon and North Carolina address some of the most contentious issues of our time. Others, such as the Maine law, passed in the aftermath of a western Maine explosion two years ago that killed a firefighter and injured a number of others were passed to remedy specific situations. 

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Voter-approved rules kicking in Jan. 1 have prompted concerns about possible shortages of bacon and other pork products, amid last-minute calls to delay the new regulations. Even in progressive California, that’s the headline-grabber. It's among a host of other legislation designed to safeguard employees from warehouse retailers like Amazon, shield those seeking abortions, protect protesters from police, spare children from gender influence in store displays, and further ease criminal penalties to reduce mass incarceration. Several new laws are the first of their kind in the nation. They are among hundreds of new laws also addressing everything from stealthily removing condoms to handing out disposable packages of condiments.

Harrisburg, Pa. -- Tipped workers can now benefit from a new rule that raises their earnings during "non tipped work." The Department of Labor (USDOL) has issued a new Tip Regulation which dismisses a former DOL rule and responds to a lawsuit that began under the Trump Administration.