As sports begin to slowly resume across the world amid the coronavirus pandemic, PIAA sports may not be too far behind. The governing body of high school sports in Pennsylvania released a statement on Thursday in support of a safe return to play.

The statement from PIAA officials came after the organization held a meeting on Wednesday between its board of directors. The board acknowledges following Governor Tom Wolf's guideline, but also allowing those in the open counties to get back to athletic activities.

"Whatever the Governor allows our athletes to do, we don't want to be a restrictor," Whitehall Athletic Director and new PIAA Vice President Bob Hartman said. "We don't want to be the organization that's slowing them down. So, whatever they can do within the guidelines of the phases, we want to make sure we let them. That's the plan."

The PIAA had originally set July 1 as a statewide return date as the earliest point for a resumption of play. Now officials are open to allowing certain counties that are allowed, and can follow the guidelines, to begin playing even sooner than that, if possible.

Here is the complete statement from the PIAA