During his tenure with 69 News, Bo's covered everything from Barack Obama's 2008 inauguration, the Jerry Sandusky trial, the Boston Marathon bombings, the devastation of Superstorm Sandy at the Jersey Shore and in Lower Manhattan. He especially likes to focus on environmental issues, animal abuse matters, and human-interest features. This includes his long running series Adopt Lehigh Valley Kids, where foster kids are highlighted. His series has helped numerous kids be adopted.

In 2019 the Pennsylvania Humane Society named him their Media Hero of the Year for his work on animal issues, specifically highlighting puppy mills.

In fall of 2017 and winter of 2020 Bo traveled to Puerto Rico to report on Hurricane Maria and then the massive earthquakes. Traveling deep into the mountains and along the coast, he reported on the daily struggles of Puerto Ricans coping with the aftereffects of both disasters; both assignments garnered Mid-Atlantic Emmy nominations.

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