Get a Copy of a 69 News Story

Boscov: An American Story - Documentary - DVD

$14.99 | Description: "Boscov: An America Story" is a special, one-hour documentary that takes you inside the mind and the heart of this true visionary. You'll discover what drives his unique business and personal philosophies, and you'll come to understand what his family, friends and fans already know: They just don't make 'em like this anymore. (Narrated by former Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell.)

Documentary: Rhoads Opera House Fire - DVD

$29.99 | Description: "The Rhoads Opera House Fire: The Legacy of a Tragedy" is the perfect addition to any DVD collection. In addition to the full-length documentary, DVD owners will also get to enjoy many of the extra features not seen on TV and a compilation of the coverage 69 News has given the tragedy.

Haiti Earthquake: Humanity in Bloom - DVD

$20.00 | Description: 69 News follows members of Allentown Pennsylvania's Lifechurch and three Lehigh Valley doctors as they travel to Haiti to rescue orphans and provide medical attention to people ravaged by the earthquake.

Time Bomb: Allentown Gas Explosion - DVD

$18.00 | Description: WFMZ-TV half-hour documentary regarding Allentown, Pennsylvania's Feburary 9, 2011 natural gas explosion