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Some 175,000 women will undergo a lumpectomy this year to remove a cancerous breast tumor, but about one in five will need a second surgery to remove lingering cancer cells. Now, new research shows 3D technology is helping doctors find cells that might otherwise be missed.

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With Halloween approaching, people are looking to get their costumes ready. Whether it's showing off vampire-looking red contacts, glittery lashes, or the timeless cat-eye, do these products hurt your eyes? Can they cause a lifetime of damage?

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Each year, thousands of children, from babies to teenagers, need a new liver. Just as in adults, many of the organs come from a deceased donor, but the wait for a new liver can be long. One out of five infants and one out of 10 children die every year waiting for a liver, but now, new breakthroughs are helping more children get the lifesaving liver they so desperately need.

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About seven and a half million Americans have psoriasis and about 40% of those patients also have joint inflammation that produces painful arthritis symptoms. Now, new research suggests one surprising potential cause for the condition and some preventive measures patients can take.

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Spinal surgery is a last resort when medications and non-surgical treatments are not working. The surgery itself must be precise to get the best outcomes. Now, there's a new FDA-approved augmented reality device that's helping surgeons have a more accurate and faster surgery, translating to a better recovery for patients.

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Nearly four million women in the United States are breast cancer survivors. They've either heard the words, "You are cured," or they are still being monitored and treated for the disease, but for many women, there's overwhelming fear the disease will come back. Now, researchers are working to determine the best way to help survivors face those fears.

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It's a never-ending pain, sometimes dull, sometimes sharp, accompanied by stiffness and loss of mobility. Fourteen million people suffer from arthritis in the knee. New numbers show that one out of 12 adults over the age of 25 will have a knee replacement sometime during his or her lifetime, but one new treatment is hoping to delay a replacement and take the pain away.

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Every year, eight million babies are born with genetic disorders passed down from generation to generation. One couple didn't even know they carried a problematic gene until an ultrasound revealed it in their unborn baby. They were given little hope their little girl would survive, but through strong faith and the help of a team of medical experts, she is thriving today.

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About 108 million Americans struggle with high blood pressure. It's a problem that can raise your risk for heart attack, stroke, and other serious medical conditions. The good news is you can lower your blood pressure with some simple diet changes. Find out what foods to choose.

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