TONIGHT: Mostly clear and comfortable. Low: 57

FRIDAY: Sunny to partly cloudy and nice. High: 81

FRIDAY NIGHT: Partly cloudy. Low: 60  


Our weather in a word on Thursday: refreshing! We've replaced Wednesday's sticky, stormy, and smoky weather with a dry, pleasant, and more than anything else, comfortable pattern, especially by late July standards. Partly sunny skies with highs near 80 degrees and refreshingly low dew points in the 50s made for a banner day on Thursday, and we welcome an encore to wrap up the week on Friday. We may even sneak in a fairly comfortable and still dry day on Saturday, but since it is still mid-summer, the comfort can only last so long. Sure enough, the heat and humidity gradually claw their way back later in the weekend and into early next week. And with the increased stickiness will come an increased chance for a few scattered thunderstorms, beginning Saturday night and lasting through Monday. While no washouts are expected, that shower or storm chance is a price we pay for the return of the summer muggies. Temperatures will slowly but steadily rise through the 80s, perhaps touching 90 degrees in spots by the middle of next week.



Skies should trend partly to mostly clear overnight, and another comfy sleeping night is in store, always a treat in July. With light winds and low humidity, lows will again drop into the mid to upper 50s. Open up those windows and soak in the comfortable air mass!


If you liked Thursday, then you should like the end to the work week on Friday, which will be quite similar. The humidity will remain low, winds remain light, and skies should be no worse than partly sunny as high pressure remains parked nearby. Comfortably warm highs around or just above 80° are expected, with just the slightest chance of a shower up towards far northeast PA (Pike County) or far northwestern New Jersey (Sussex County). Partly cloudy skies follow for Friday night, which remains pleasant and dry.


This gets the nod as the better weekend day as that high pressure hangs on, with partly sunny skies and still tolerable humidity levels, which will start to inch up a bit towards the evening and nighttime hours. Highs may inch up a few more degrees into the low to mid 80s, as a warm front approaches overnight into Sunday. A shower or thunderstorm is possible from the evening into the overnight as that warm front draws closer.


As our warm front lifts through, a partly to mostly cloudy day is expected with a few showers and thunderstorms, although a washout isn't currently in the cards. That front is the leading edge of some warmer and stickier air that will become more established by the first half of next week. Sunday's highs will be dependent on how much cloud cover and how much shower and thunderstorm activity there is, but mid 80s with noticeably higher humidity are the current expectations. Some of that western wildfires smoke may return by early next week as upper level winds again shift from that direction.


A few more shower and thunderstorms are possible on Monday with a front nearby and plenty of humidity overheard, then mostly dry weather may allow the heat to expand Tuesday into Wednesday, as high climb into the upper 80s and may flirt with 90 degrees in spots. Thunderstorm chances will then return the second half of the week, which may provide some late week relief in the form of cooler and less humid air.


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