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A stretch of mainly dry weather continues Tuesday and Wednesday as temperatures flex into the 50s

Some rain and snow showers return later this week

TONIGHT: Clearing and cold. Low: 28

TUESDAY: Sunny to partly cloudy. High: 50

TUESDAY NIGHT: Moonlit skies. Low: 28


Mother Nature set the bar high last work week as temperatures took off into the 60s and 70s Thursday and Friday, respectively. But if we change our golden standard to sunshine instead of warmth, then St. Patrick's Day weekend and early this week would do anything but disappoint. The Lehigh Valley was especially sunny on Monday, sandwiched between a shortwave to the north and a shortwave to the south. Despite returns on the radar, friends in the Delaware Valley and the Poconos really only saw an increase in cloud cover as the air was a bit too dry for flurries and sprinkles to survive their fall to the ground.

As these pieces of energy depart Monday night, clouds will give way to stars and moonlight. Morning lows in the upper 20s Tuesday will be right on par with average, with perhaps some golfing weather ahead Tuesday afternoon. Highs near 50 degrees won't be terribly warm, we admit, but skies will carry their weight in sunshine if you're willing to carry your weight in golf clubs. The only thing to watch is another tiny shortwave pivoting across the Great Lakes and into Upstate New York. Any flurries or sprinkles should keep to themselves, but it's possible that the Poconos and northern Jersey see an increase in clouds for a period during the afternoon. All in all, the last full day of winter Tuesday will end with no sort of frozen finale.

That's right...

Spring officially happens at 5:58 p.m. Wednesday on the East Coast. And this year, a supermoon will follow the seasonal flip. It will be the first time in almost twenty years that spring equinox and a supermoon coincided. While we're not forecasting any werewolves (at least we don't think so), an incoming cold front could spoil the show with an uptick in clouds Wednesday evening. A long stretch of dry weather will also come to an end with the development of rain and snow showers Wednesday night into the first full day of spring. Another disturbance could kick off additional rain and snow showers Friday. Contrary to last year around the same time when a foot of snow fell, we're forecasting little to no accumulation with these weather hiccups this year.

And you won't have to be too patient for warmer air, either. After a seasonably cool start to the weekend on Saturday, temperatures will "spring" into lower 60s later Sunday. The welcomed warmth will blossom into at least the beginning of the following week, too. In other words, be patient grasshoppers. Mother Nature will give spring the green light soon!


10 Day Forecast

  • Monday

    47° / 28°
    Sun and Clouds; Still Chilly 20%
  • Tuesday

    50° / 28°
    Sunny to Partly Cloudy 0%
  • Wednesday

    54° / 35°
    Few Clouds and Milder 0%
  • Thursday

    53° / 36°
    Cloudy; Couple of Showers 60%
  • Friday

    49° / 30°
    Clouds; Rain or Snow Showers 40%
  • Saturday

    50° / 30°
    Patchy Clouds; Chilly 0%
  • Sunday

    61° / 37°
    Partly to Mostly Sunny; Milder 0%
  • Monday

    64° / 41°
    Mild; Becoming Mostly Cloudy 20%
  • Tuesday

    63° / 41°
    Variably Cloudy; Showers 30%
  • Wednesday

    56° / 38°
    Some Sun and a Shower 30%

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Historical Averages

High Low
Current 47°F 28°F
Average 50°F 30°F
Record 77°F March 18, 1927 5°F March 18, 1967

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